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About us

One thought can change

It’s the vision of one man which can bring revolution.

          Here we are talking of Dr. Sachin Maskey, who is up for a cause. Being concerned about the mankind while living in United States of America, he understands the difference in the lives of people living in Nepal and around the world. Therefore now he is eager to serve his homeland and people in need. Dr. Maskey believes every bit of good gesture counts.

The Story Has Begun...

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

          It’s the beginning which is most difficult when your aim is to work for the society at large. You have to take those initial small steps and that too alone to make a substantial impact on the lives of the needy people.Dr. Sachin Maskey the driving soul of this organisation, much empathic and sensitive as a person. Therefore he is been able to understand the pain and can relate to that suffering of the under privileged people. Let’s spread that smile across, is what his motto is! He is been trying to do his bit in several ways to impact the lives of these needy in a better way.

Why we choose “Dhana” and “Yoga”?

“Dhana” and “Yoga” are the two awesome Sanskrit language derived words where Dhana means wealth and Yoga means prosperity. The most fortunate part for the parents is the realisation that their kids are able to do something for the society. Here Dr. Sachin is not only eager to work towards betterment of the society but also that he made his mother’s and father’s name immortal by creating a foundation under their names. Here the name Dhana is the first initial name of his mother Dhana Maya Maskey. The word Yoga is derived from the first initial name of his father Yograj Maskey. Indeed an incredible way to express his love and respect for his parents.

Our Inspiration

You can get inspired by one innocent smile

          You don’t always need a reason to spread happiness around. But it should be done in such subtle ways that it doesn’t hurt the feelings of those who are in need. Serving back to the society always gives immense happiness and that one smile can work wonders!

          With such greats thoughts, we have Olga who is a USA citizen, a lawyer by profession and had been working for the impoverished people of Nepal. She is presently of 93 years of age and has established her organisation by the name of Nepal Youth Foundation in the year 1990. Olga for past 30 years has donated her life to Nepal and have changed lives of thousands of people till date.

          When Dr. Sachin met Olga in person during his Nepal visit, he was so touched by the generous gesture and the way she is trying to build a better future for the people of Nepal. Dr. Maskey who is currently the citizen of USA is born and brought-up in Nepal. His feelings had been high on serving humanity, after seeing Olga his blurred thoughts started taking shape and he was determined to do something for the under privileged people of Nepal and the world across. As it’s not only just you need to think good about the society you actually have to do it too!

Our Areas of Working

          One can understand about how great the person is by his thoughts and Dr. Sachin feels wealth and prosperity can only be achieved if person is healthy and have good education foundation. So with that in mind, DYF was born with the vision to provide and improve healthcare, education and basic necessity of life to all poor and unfortunate people around the world.

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