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Cure Diabetes Program

1 year ago

1 in 11 adults has Diabetes (425 million) in 2017 and in 2045 it is estimated 625 million people will have Diabetes ….
Source – IDF (International Diabetes Federation)

Disease will not ask you, weather you have money or not for your treatment but yes the chances are that you will have diabetes, irrespective of your status, standard or bank balance therefore Dhana Yoga Foundation by Dr. Sachin Maskey will be focusing on one of the most prevalent disease of the world under the Cure diabetes program, this is one of those several programs which Dhana Yoga Foundation will be working upon within Nepal.

DYF understand that diabetes cannot be completed treated but with proper treatment and lifestyle changes it can be managed and well take care off to an extent as if you don’t have, which can help these underserved people within the program run by DYF as “Cure Diabetes”.



Diabetes is a global emergency but at the same time it’s a Preventable disease with simple lifestyle changes.


At present, nearly half of billion people live with diabetes. Low and middle-income countries carry almost 80% of the diabetes burden of the world.


Rapid urbanisation, unhealthy diet, and increasingly sedentary lifestyle have resulted in previously unheard higher rates of obesity and diabetes and many countries do not have adequate resource to provide preventive or medical care for their population. Diabetes is not only a health crisis it is a global societal catastrophe. Due to its chronic nature, diabetes cause devastating personal suffering and drives a family into poverty.

1.6 million deaths caused due to diabetes… diabetes is considered to be one of the leading causes of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke, and lower limb amputation. Life of the normal person gets crippled. People with diabetes are two times more chances to develop heart disease than someone without diabetes. 2.6% of global blindness can be attributed to diabetes. The fact remains constant that it’s always the poor who do not have access to healthcare and hence their lives get affected even more. Going by the figures 3% of total deaths in Nepal are associated with diabetes.

By 2030 Nepal will have 1,328,000 diabetic patients…
Source – Nepjol



DYF is conducting camps at the regular interval for the under privileged people living in remote areas who 45 years and above. Roughly the people served in these camps are 500+ or may be more depending upon the population density and disease prevalence. DYF will also be conducting this screening program in schools and community centre in the future for diabetes risk screening and awareness campaigns. The goal of these diabetes camps is to provide awareness to people about diabetes and its complication. Simple lifestyle changes like exercise and healthy eating habits can prevent this deadly disease

Camp activities include:

  • Intervention and identification of Diabetes and its complication: Diabetes screening with Eye and Dental check up for more than 500 people in a day. Free distribution of diabetes medication, eye drops and dental supplies like toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss etc. Also, referral of uncontrolled diabetes or diabetes complication to tertiary care hospital or Diabetes center, distribution for the pamphlet in local language about the risk factor, lifestyle modification and nutrition information.
  • Prevention: With the help of nutritionist and diabetic educators all people who came for camp will be provided with the comprehensive information about the nutrition focus in a diabetes diet, along with diet information. DYF will also inform the importance of exercise and stress management. Also, how to identify diabetes complication early so that timely treatment can be started.
  • Follow ups: DYF will conduct routine follow up camp for follow ups for the entire Diabetes patient identified during the first screening camp.


Each one of us is worthy of leading a healthy life, don’t let diabetes take control of your happiness…



The Diabetes camp team includes Doctors (Endocrinologist, Ophthalmologist), Dentists, Nurse, local volunteers, medical students, Diabetic educators, and Nutritionist. DYF coordinates with local government or other NGO for the large scale screening programs.
DYF is associating with the local facilities, hospitals, medical institutes, and even the clinics of the Nepal that are willing to join hands with Dhana Yoga Foundation in the mission to cure Diabetes. Within the Cure Diabetes Program, we are seeking help from volunteers who can come forward and work with us. The camps and the screening of diabetes are done during the camp and the further medical management will be done at the local facilities of Nepal.


Your small contribution can help giving a good life to someone, and has a big Impact…



DYF will be conducting the diabetes screening camps for the under privileged people of Nepal, at regular intervals at the various locations within Nepal to identify the people who have diabetes. After the screening the patient will be given proper lifestyle instructions, what is the impact of Diabetes, how regular treatment can help in leading a normal life. Basic medication will also be given by DYF and the Nutritionist counselling will be done so that how the right diet can help these low-income group people.

This is an ongoing process and DYF will be collaborating with the several other hospitals in entire Nepal to provide regular diabetes management for the under-privileged people of Nepal.


Let’s defeat diabetes together…


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