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  • Let’s make some noise around! Yes you can sponsor an event, like marathon(s), medical camp, charity dinner, walkathon, bake sale, car wash etc. and other internal and external events. With which we can raise funds for DYF.

    1. Host an event – You can host house party, tea groups, game nights etc. are fun ways to raise money. Use Evite or Facebook event to send invitation. Supporters like you can help spread the word about DYF while have great time with family, friends and co workers

    2. Use a Special occasion – Create Facebook Fundraise to make special occasions, such as birthday, family reunion, school reunion ,wedding etc. by asking for donation on the behalf of DYF

    3. Make DYF part of your business - As an artist, business owner, CEO, musician etc. donate process from the sale of your product or service

    4. Spread the word - Tell your friends, family about DYF and ask then to join Facebook page DYF, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and You tube

    DYF House Party Planning guide – link so that people can download the guide

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