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Leave a Will for Dhana Yoga Foundation

We make sure that you stay alive even after your death in our blessings!

As you have thoughtfully considered Dhana Yoga Foundation for the inheritance, we feel overwhelmed by your this gesture. In case you already have a Will or Trust and would like to include DYF as one of the beneficiaries, then you do not have to rewrite your current papers. All you got to do is to simply make an amendment in the documents mentioning DYF as one of the beneficiaries of the Will.

Some language suggestion(s) that may help you while you are writing your WILL and please do ask your tax advisor to review it once:


I give and donate to the Dhana Yoga Foundation (Tax I.D. 83-2193218)

Located in Dartmouth, MA, the sum of __________________________ dollars ($ _________);


_____________________percent (________ %) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate;


The following described property: ________________________________________________________.


Your inheritance is entirely under your control during your lifetime. Please consult and discuss everything in detail with an attorney when preparing legal documents.


Moving Next:

  1. Consult your financial or legal adviser to confirm what type of inheritance to make and donate.
  2. If you wish to give us documentation of your inheritance, you only need to forward a copy of the page from your Will that refers to your gift to us and simple identification of the document itself such as the first page. Doing so will help out Dhana Yoga Foundation to plan efficiently for the future, and help in assuring that your wishes are carried out in an effective manner.


Dhana Yoga Foundation

3 Nicole Way,

Dartmouth, MA 02747


[email protected]



Your generous inheritance will continue to change the lives of some of the destitute children for better.

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