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Dr. Sabina Malla

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Dr. Sabina Malla

Dr Sabina Malla is a general dentist practicing at Cortland Dental & Braces in Fall River.Dr Malla works as district dental director of the multi-practice Cortland Dental & Braces, which has seven offices in Massachusetts and 5 offices in Connecticut.

Though an ambassador grant from theMDS Foundation, Dr Malla has taught more than 800 children in SouthCoast classrooms about oral health and healthy snacking options.

Her early education was in Nepal and she also has dental degree from Bp Koirala Institute of health sciences, Dharan. She earned additional dental degree in USA from Newyork university Dental school  where she was awarded out of 350 students in classroom as a very promising student with exceptional leadership skills by Delta dental.In 2020 she was also awarded by Massachusetts dental society as top 10 doctors under 10 years of graduation in Massachusetts for her significant contribution in her community and dental profession.She had also completed additional 1 year of general practice residency program in Bronx  Lebanon hospital, Newyork in 2011.

In 2011 she and husband moved to Dartmouth and began her professional career.

Dr Malla and her husband, residents of North Dartmouth, have two children; daughter Sriya, 6 and a son, Sarin,  9. When she’s not working, she likes to connect with them over activities such as family paint nights, cooking,hiking, nature walks and meditation.