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Shyam Nepali

Shyam is an important teacher and mentor of the next generations of Sarangi players, working with Project Sarangi in Nepal, and the Imagine Rainbow Project (Switzerland/Nepal), aimed at fostering self-empowerment through the creative arts, and keeping the tradition alive. Shyam founded the Himalayan Heritage Cultural Academy in Boston, MA, giving a much-needed platform for Nepali […]

Craig Shah

Founder & CEO Craig Shelly Beverly Hills / ELEVATE Summit & Mastermind / Evoke NFT Marketplace & Metaverse / Unicorn Enterprise Hospitality Fund / Victorius Ventures Senior Assisted Living Fund Ethics, Integrity & Professionalism are pillars of our strength!!! Design, Quality & Affordability is how we Win!!! Timeless classic Jewels Hand Crafted in Los Angeles, […]

Sabina Malla

Dr Sabina Malla is a general dentist practicing at Cortland Dental & Braces in Fall River.Dr Malla works as district dental director of the multi-practice Cortland Dental & Braces, which has seven offices in Massachusetts and 5 offices in Connecticut. Though an ambassador grant from the MDS Foundation, Dr Malla has taught more than 800 […]

Sachin Maskey

Doctor , Real Estate Syndicator , Investor and Entrepreneur Born and raised in a small city in Nepal called Dharan ( eastern part of Nepal ). Went to high school in the southern part of India- Chennai. Completed by medical school in Nepal . Dr Maskey completed his medical training -postgraduation in Bronx Lebanon Hospital […]