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There is this unexpressed feeling when you extend your helping hand for others. The pleasure cannot be explained but those who donate can understand that awesome feeling! To touch our daily lives you can become a monthly donor, support us through minimal monthly donation(s), to take care of the day to day necessities of innocent under-privileged.

1. Online

Online donation is the best way to make a donation to support our program. You can donate online safely and securely online via PayPal / credit cards (master, visa, discover, and American Express).

2. Donation via check

You can write check to:

Dhana Yoga Foundation Inc
3 Nicole way,
Dartmouth, MA

Please download our email format available in donation form and send it to DYF in the following address. Please write check payable to Dhana Yoga Foundation Inc.

3. Donate by wire transfer

You may donate via wire transfer directly through the bank. Please email for account details.

4. Vehicle donation

A free, convenient service for converting that extra car, truck, or RV into a tax-deductible donation to benefit DYF! You can donate online or by calling 774-377-5112. Donate your vehicle online -Once clicked it will take to the vehicle donation website. DYF is not able to register at present but this is

5. Donate Stocks

As you may be thinking of ways to donate one such advantageous way is through the stock and securities donations. The Securities which are having appreciated value will have much impact. The capital gain tax on the amount of appreciation can be side-stepped therefore makes you entitled to avail an income tax deduction for the full appreciated value of these securities. The Dhana Yoga Foundation will receive the full value of these donated securities’. (Please Note – The deductions are subject to certain limitations.)

All you got to do is to take a printout of the stock and securities donation form and provide it to your broker, rest he will do the needful. We will really appreciate if you can inform us in advance as you are making the securities and stock donations, so that we can express gratitude in an appreciative manner to you, for your generosity.

Employer matching:

Happiness gets many folds as you share it with others. This can happen officially too, yes, now your employer can also join in your good Karma! Yes, a lot of employers and organizations are having a policy of matching gift programs. Under this, they will try to match the amount of charitable contributions made by their employees. This amount can be made equal to what employee is paying or it can be doubled, or even multiplied by the employee’s organisation. Companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses too! This is a wonderful gesture by the organizations to encourage their employees to donate and serve humanity, by whatever amount they want to!

Our advice to the employee who is willing/ planning to donate must first connect with their organization’s HR department so that they can find out the best way to donate under the company’s gift matching policy. And if they have that policy then you can ask for a matching gift form from your employer, fill it and send it across to Dhana Yoga Foundation with your gift amount and signature. Rest of the task will be performed by us and we would love to inform you when we receive the matched amount.

Dhana Yoga Foundation Inc
3 Nicole way,
Dartmouth, MA 02747

Further, if you have already donated in the past and now you have got to know about the employer matching policy, you can still send us the details of your employer, we can connect with your organization on your behalf and can send in the request under the employee matching initiative of theirs and if they approve, our underprivileged people of DYF still stand the chance to get benefitted for a brighter tomorrow!

If you have any questions please feel free to connect with us at

6. Planned giving – Legacy giving:

We are remembered only till the time we are alive and are actively working, but what after our death people remember us through our deeds. Let’s do something good for those who really deserve to be supported in every manner. DYF has created such ways by which you can be remembered even after you die for your deeds which will stay alive in the hearts of these innocent smiles and their “Thank You”! There are numerous ways to present someone legacy gifts and some of the most common from all are:

  • Remembering DYF in your will – Read More
  • Leave a Will for Dhana Yoga Foundation. Read More
  • Donating an asset or establishing a charitable trust. Read More
  • Designating DYF as the beneficiary of your Insurance policy or Retirement fund (401 K and IRA). Read More
  • Retirement and Investment – Planned Giving Read More

7. Amazon Smile

You can visit Every time you shop at amazon smile program Amazon donate 0.5 % of the price of your eligible purchase to DYF. You need to select DYF as your charitable organization of choice. You would shop normally at, a site identical to the main Amazon.

8. ebay for charity

Well, ebay makes it easy for the sellers who wish to donate a portion of their sales to DYF. All you got to do is to visit and choose DYF as your charity! Indeed, the undernourished people feel humbled by this gesture of care and will keep you in their blessings forever and ever, as every bit of humanity counts!

9. IRA Tax Exempt Rollover

Age is no bar in serving the society and the same goes for the people who have reached up to the age of 701/2 years of their age or older stand eligible for the making of IRA gift to DYF and can avail tax benefits for the year. For more details, you can visit our page.

10. Wedding registry

What can be the best time to serve humanity than your wedding day! A lifetime remarkable moment for you and your guests to celebrate your wedding! All your gifts from the wedding will be used for the underserved people of Nepal and will be more than happy to say thank you in their own wonderful ways!

There are two ways to set-up Wedding registry for your guests:

  • It is completely your guests discretion what amount do they wish to donate in your name.
  • You can add your own pictures; pour love through messages while you send your thank you messages to your friends, family and close ones. You can also see who has donated for the cause.
  • Designating DYF as the beneficiary of your Insurance policy or Retirement fund (401 K and IRA). Read More

11. IRA Tax exempt rollover

Age is no bar in serving the society and the same goes for the people who have reached up to the age of 701/2 years of their age or older stand eligible for the making of IRA gift to DYF and can avail tax benefits for the year. For more details you can visit our page.

IRA Tax exempt rollover

Your good deeds are answered with this good news!

Yes, there has been a recent change in the U.S. legislation where the Permanent legislation had been passed by the Congress and signed into a law by President Obama whereby allowing people to make tax-free charitable gifts from your IRA retroactive to January 1, 2015. This good news is meant to be shared with everyone and let’s spread the happiness all over!

In case you are gifting any gifts for the underserved people of Nepal you can do so by end of 31st December, this will decrease your taxable income and this is applicable from 2015 onwards. As this is not being reported as income therefore, there isn’t any tax applicable. Further, this gift of yours will all or part of your required minimum distribution also called as RMD. This will be beneficial for you even when you do not itemize your deductions in the tax.!

Who comes under this? 
U.S. Citizens having age of 70 1/2 or older. 

From which accounts can this be transferred? 
This gift of yours must come directly from your IRA – either Roth or Traditional. However, please note this opportunity does not apply to other retirement plans that are availing. 

What is the maximum amount limit to be transferred? 
Amount maximum up to $100,000 per year is allowed from your IRA account for a financial year.

Which all organizations can receive IRA rollovers? 
All the organisations which are tax exempt under the U.S. such as ours Dhana Yoga Foundation and all the others whosoever are classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. 

What is the process for having an IRA Charitable Rollover? 
The process is simple all you got to do is contact your IRA provider and inform them that you have to make your gift to Dhana Yoga Foundation directly under the IRA rollover for whatever amount. For the next steps you will have to provide them with the Tax ID number of Dhana Yoga Foundation which is 38-2231279.

It will be great that you inform DYF before you are processing for the gift under IRA, as we can help in making this very simple and hassle free.

We would love to thank you for keeping us in your prayers and blessings while thinking of serving humanity through your generous gifting.

In case you have any doubts or queries please feel free to connect with us at: info@dhanayogafoundation.orrg

You can call Dhana Yoga Foundation at: XXX-XXX-XXXX or toll free at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX.

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