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Dr. Sachin Maskey

Dr. Sachin Maskey

Doctor , Real Estate Syndicator , Investor and Entrepreneur 

Born and raised in a small city in Nepal called Dharan ( eastern part of Nepal ). Went to high school in the southern part of India- Chennai. Completed medical school in Nepal . Dr Maskey completed his medical training -postgraduation in Bronx Lebanon Hospital in the Bronx . Dr Maskey is Board Certified in Family Medicine and  has been practicing as primary care physician since 2010. Dr Maskey focuses on the root cause of problems rather than just managing the symptoms . If you want to learn more about secrets  of Health then visit Dr Maskey Health Academy -Youtube channel

Dr Maskey is the  founder of Nonprofit Dhana Yoga Foundation whose mission is “ Wealth and Prosperity for all” by improving health and education in remote areas of the world.

Blessed with 2 kids( Sarin 10 years and Sriya 6 years) and married with beautiful wife Sabina who is a Dentist practicing in Massachusetts for 10 years.

Dr Maskey is Coauthor of chapter in Book called “ Persistence, Pivots and game changer which will be releasing in October.

Dr Maskey is also a  Investor and Founder/ Principal of Avatar Equity which is a real estate private equity firm with the mission to help busy professionals achieve financial freedom with passive real estate investment . 

Dr Maskey enjoys  cooking / painting and plays guitar.

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