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Dhana Yoga Foundation and Its Programs

Valued Readers,

Happiness is meant to be shared…

And today we are delighted to inform you that we have formed and registered Dhana Yoga Foundation officially within the USA and we have this beautiful and inspiring website going live for better interaction. The long planning, conceptualization, and groundwork have now taken shape and we are thrilled to serve humanity in our own small ways and means.

At the moment we have begun with three programs primarily:
• Cure Blindness
• Cure Diabetes
• DYF Scholarship Program
• Future programs – DYF after school, safe water, renewal energy, etc.

The vision is “Wealth and prosperity for all “by improving healthcare, education, and basic necessities of life for all poor and unfortunate people around the world.

It is always the teamwork that will make you successful and we also believe in this, therefore we have the real stories, and actual images of the activities that we are doing within Dhana Yoga Foundation. Please feel free to have a look and share it among your friends, groups, and community too!

We have designed the website in a way that will allow you to comment and engage with the meaningful information that we will be uploading at regular intervals. We will also be sharing some heart-touching ways by which people, visitors, investors, donors, and funders are making a difference in the lives of these underserved people of Nepal with their contributions. Such gestures make us feel that yes humanity is still alive on this earth and we are able to do something good for society through your contributions only.

As rightly said nothing is perfect and therefore we would be eager to know from you what is your feedback in terms of the website, content, layout, and the ways by which you love to communicate and connect with us! Feel free to let us know in the comments column below, as your active participation inspires us to do more for the welfare of society!

With much love and blessings,
Yours Truly,
Dr. Sachin Maskey – Founder, Dhana Yoga Foundation

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