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DYF Scholarship Program

Today’s progressive world is talking about Artificial Intelligence; whereas on the contrary, there is a vital percentage of the population who are illiterate. Imagine how isolated you would feel when you know everything, but are unable to express it in the right manner just because you are unable to read and write. Yes, this is a truth for 740 million people who are illiterate globally. We have  got to be doing something about these displeasing figures rather than just talking them off, and that is where the Dhana Yoga Foundation is putting their time, energy and efforts. We have started DYF Scholarship Program for the underprivileged, orphan, and the blind children of Nepal.
A child is the future of tomorrow, providing them the access to education will definitely change the world for better. DYF will be nurturing and providing all the necessary funding to the kids who are capable of achieving heights but are unable to do so, just because of lack of funds. Therefore the Dhana Yoga Foundation will be creating sufficient funds for these school children under their program called the “DYF Scholarship Program”.
In Nepal only 59.63% of the total population is literate…
Source – Unesco

Why Is It Necessary?

We want to give the right direction to the society and these children are the face of society. Let’s give them the strength of pen which can win over all the odds of their life. Already life has not been fair to them when they did not have government resources to get free education. It is the need of an hour as we see Nepal ranks at 129 in literacy when compared to other countries of the world. Talking about the female literacy rate it is even lower; yes the Female literacy in Nepal is 48.84% means less than half of Nepal’s women are educated.

We at DYF believe that each individual on this earth has a right to live with dignity and it is this education that will help them to have that independent and respectful life. Where these kids can read and can gain knowledge and can fly with the wings of education and who knows they may reach the moon one day!

Let’s give wings of education to each under-privileged, orphan, and blind child…

What We At DYF Are Doing?

DYF will be providing scholarships to children who are studying in blind schools and also to orphans who are living in orphanage homes in Nepal.

For Blind Children– The name of the blind school is “Purvanchal Gyan Chakshu Vidyalaya”, situated in Dharan, Nepal. The DYF will be providing scholarships to these children so that they can study and can make a better living for themselves in the times to come.

For Orphan Children– Dhana Yoga Foundation will be supporting students from the “Saraswati Bal Ashram” located in Dharan, where all the education-related expenses will be supported by DYF, enabling these kids to have a brighter and more educated tomorrow.

$1 per day or $30 per month, you can help these children to pursue their dreams…

How We Are Doing?

DYF will be partnering with a Local NGO in Nepal that has a similar mission and vision to support the education of homeless, orphans, blind, deaf, and handicapped children. The Local NGO will identify the students who will receive funds for their education and other education-related expenses. The Local NGO will also monitor the progress of the programs and will give updates and reports to DYF on a regular basis.

At The Grassroots Level?

It is just the beginning of the scholarship program where we are funding around 10 children for their education, books, uniforms, and other amenities. Gradually as we will collect sufficient funds we will be sponsoring education for many more children. We will be associating with the orphanages, blind homes, and other government schools as well which will enable us to channel the funds and help these kids to find the right school for their education.

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