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Dhana Yoga Foundation and Its Programs

Valued Readers, Happiness is meant to be shared… And today we are delighted to inform you that we have formed and registered Dhana Yoga Foundation officially within the USA and we have this beautiful and inspiring website going live for better interaction. The long planning, conceptualization, and groundwork have now taken shape and we are […]

DYF Scholarship Program

Today’s progressive world is talking about Artificial Intelligence; whereas on the contrary, there is a vital percentage of the population who are illiterate. Imagine how isolated you would feel when you know everything, but are unable to express it in the right manner just because you are unable to read and write. Yes, this is […]

Cure Diabetes Program

1 in 11 adults has Diabetes (425 million) in 2017 and in 2045 it is estimated 625 million people will have Diabetes …. Source – IDF (International Diabetes Federation) The disease will not ask you, whether you have money or not for your treatment but yes the chances are that you will have diabetes, irrespective […]

Cure Blindness Program

Globally 1 in every 3 people who are blind is due to cataracts… Source – Researchgate Indeed, a thought-provoking statistic made Dr. Sachin Maskey think of doing something about this fact rather than just reading! And, he decided to begin with the Cure Blindness program, one of those several programs which Dhana Yoga Foundation will […]

Women Empowerment Blog

Background – Issue and Gaps During the COVID-19 pandemic, youth unemployment and gender-based violence (GBV) have become major issues. It has been causing simultaneous health and socioeconomic suffering all over the world. Since the outbreak, reports of violence against women and girls, mostly domestic violence, have increased in many countries. Globally, these groups in particular […]